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We are interested in young children’s cognitive, mathematical, and reading skills. Students whose parents have consented for them to participate will partake in individual sessions with our research team. During these sessions, your child will participate in computer games designed to measure their behavior and academic skills. The new and exciting part of this project is the use of equipment that will allow us to measure children’s brain responses while they are engaged in tasks. These tasks involve children paying close attention while they look at simple pictures (dogs, trees, hearts). At the same time, we will measure their brain responses while they are playing these games.

To measure their brain responses, children will wear a cap on their head with sensors that pick up brain waves (called ERPs). This technique is completely non-invasive and provides us with important information that will allow us to link children’s skills and their underlying brain processes.  Ultimately, we hope this project will provide us with important information about the role of early school experiences for children’s developing skills and how they are related to later achievement.

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